Top 5 Creative and Unusual Socks

There are two things we probably will change everyday – underwear and socks. However, compared with other accessories, socks might be the most overlooked ones. And in most cases, no one but you will see them. Even though, there are still some creative and unusual designs around this humble little guy and here we have rounded Top 5 Creative and Unusual Socks we have ever seen. Some of them are funky, some of them are geeky and some of them are really artistic. Curious? Just take a look.


Crazy Decorative Eyelash Designs

Maybe I am a bit outdated, I don’t really understand those crazy trends for fake eyelashes. At beginning, the fake eyelash is designed to make the eye look bigger while in these days, it seems this purpose can’t satisfy some fashion ladies anymore and they started to add some decoration to it and feather eyelashes are good examples. When I thought those neon feather eyelashes are already crazy enough, here is the new one: LED eyelashes and it is not only for women but men as well. Honestly, I really don’t know what will be the next thing on our eyes?

Realistic and Adorable Felted Dogs

When I first saw these dogs, I thought they were really photogenic puppies. How they can keep such adorable pose and expression during photographing. Then I found out they were not real dogs instead of felted toys.

Made by Anna Kolesnikova and Irina Khokhlova, two feat ladies from MamaDocha – a creative tandem from Russia, these sweet collectible toys are made of wool, fabric and plush. Each felted figurine is about 15–20 cm height. You can purchase them from However, these puppies exist in unique copies only. Hence you might only see few of them are on sale now.

Life-size Insects Made out of Bamboo

At first glance of below images, the insects seem to be ready to crawl or fly off the page. However, they are actually crafted out of bamboo from by Japanese artist Noriyuki Saitoh. Butterfly, dragonfly, beetle, bee, mantis and all those bugs are thoughtfully recreated with their essential features to give the impression of life. Just take a look at the images, you will be easily “woo” by Saitoh’s delicate work – razor-thin veins in the wings of dragonflies, wiry whiskers of grasshoppers, all those incredible details make these insects look as if they could scurry away at any moment.

Forever Rose: the Rose Stands At Least 3 Years With Water or Sunlight

First, the Forever Rose is a real rose, not something made of silk or paper or something else to make it looks like rose. Second, unlike ost floral arrangements that wither within a week or 2, the Forever Rose will remain beautiful, well, forever.

According to the luxury flower company Forever Rose London, Each rose stands upright in a glass dome. If left encased in the bell glass, the rose can last forever without sunlight or even water. If removed from the protective cloche, it will still retain its recently-plucked appearance and remain wilt-free for up to 3 years.

Miniature Furniture for Pets

From our previous posts about pet furniture, we know that pet furniture can be quite luxurious and unusual. But what will happen if let company like IKEA designed their furniture? Recently, IKEA just launched a new range called Lurvig (hairy in Swedish word), which is a collection of furniture specifically designed for pets. With some reusing, improving and downsizing work, you might find all the sudden the furniture you are using have the same models for your pets.