Wearing Animal Tails is Another Fashion Trend?

I know I am not a fashionable person and I guess that is the reason why I can’t quite understand why something gets popular and becomes a trend, just like the furry nail, clip-on man buns or cat hairband we featured before. And today, there is another beyond my understanding accessory – false tail becomes the latest fashion trend.

Those false tails are introduced by Telltails, a British company which creates life-size tails of various animals, from squirrels to leopards to lemurs for kids as well as adults. According to the website, “Telltails are made of a range of different fabrics and are stuffed so you can bend them, curl them, squash them and easily fit them in your suitcase. Wearing a TellTail is an exercise in silliness. Its about not taking yourself to seriously, its about self expression, its about the unadulterated enhancement of fun in the extreme.” Does that sound attempting to you? For me… still a no no. But anyway, those tails might be good for the Halloween parties. Do you think so?

Cute Images of Animal Babies Photoshoped on Well Dressed Human Body

Although I am not a big fan of dress animal up, I won’t mind seeing cute baby animals be photoshoped into fully-dressed human bodies. Barcelona-based photographer Yago Partal just add a new addition to his funny Zoo Portraits series – animal babies with dress that fit their unique characteristics and personality types. The series includes a range of lovable subjects, from a soft, white lamb in a crisp, chef’s uniform to a professorial Tasmanian Devil in a blazer and bowtie.

This series is not only about dressing animal in cute and quirky style but provide interesting information about each species which includes a detailed encyclopedic description about its physical appearance, its diet, its habitat, and more. It helps, especially for younger people, to establish interest in facts about animals. Find the whole series on its official site.


Editable Architecture by Dinara Kasko

When you first see the photos below, you probably won’t think they can be eaten. And in fact, they are the amazing culinary creations of Dinara Kasko, an Ukrainian pastry chef. By combining baking with geometric shape, architectural elements and refined textures, Kasko imagines her desserts as if they are building and creates some really unique editable structures. The results are quite impressive and for some desserts, until you cut them into half, you might never treat them as dessert. Check something of her creation below and find more information on her instagram page.

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