Wearing Animal Tails is Another Fashion Trend?

I know I am not a fashionable person and I guess that is the reason why I can’t quite understand why something gets popular and becomes a trend, just like the furry nail, clip-on man buns or cat hairband we featured before. And today, there is another beyond my understanding accessory – false tail becomes the latest fashion trend.

Those false tails are introduced by Telltails, a British company which creates life-size tails of various animals, from squirrels to leopards to lemurs for kids as well as adults. According to the website, “Telltails are made of a range of different fabrics and are stuffed so you can bend them, curl them, squash them and easily fit them in your suitcase. Wearing a TellTail is an exercise in silliness. Its about not taking yourself to seriously, its about self expression, its about the unadulterated enhancement of fun in the extreme.” Does that sound attempting to you? For me… still a no no. But anyway, those tails might be good for the Halloween parties. Do you think so?

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Cool and Unique Wall-mounted Coat Hangers and Hooks Design

Wall-mounted Coat Hangers and Hooks are quite useful in our life. By making use of vertical space, those hangers and hooks are not only good home for our clothing, accessories and keys, but can be cool-looking decoration as well. In this post, we will present you with 10 Cool and Unique Wall-mounted Coat Hangers and Hooks Design, which might not be most functional design but must be part of most stylish designs. In this collection, you will find unique hangers/hooks in the shape of tree branches, animal, rock and even ribbon. Take a look and hope you enjoy those creative design.

Need to find more cool hangers and hooks design, check our previous post “18 Stylish Hook and Hanger Designs“.

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Fantasy Animal Jewelry Created Based on Ancient Legends and Myths

Using polymer clay, metal and crystal, jewelry designer Ellen Rocococreated below fantasy sculptural art-jewelries. Each of her creation is is a little story that can spread it’s roots deep down and far away back to the ancient civilisations – myths and legends. These designs are both sculpture and jewelry! Their unique designs make those jewelry just enough to feel special as well as to stand out from the crowd and feel enchanting.

Although, I have featured many jewelry designer from Etsy, I have to say Rococo’s work is one of my favourite. With the careful selection of material and imaginative creation, those jewelries can be called “wearable art”. The price varies based on the design, ranging from $60 – $240. You can find more onRococo’s Etsy Store.

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Cool Gadgets for your Bathroom

Collection of useful bathroom gadgets and creative inventions designed to make our lives easier and more efficient.

AquaNotes Waterproof Notepad


Goatee Shaver


Shower Mic


Toothpaste Dispenser


Magnet Soap Holder


Robot Toothbrush Holder


Help! Drain Stopper


Soap Dispenser


Shower Stickers


Mirror Swipe


Smiley Face Toothbrush Holder


Smiley Face Toothbrush Holder


Nose Shower Gel Dispenser


Animal Toothpaste Heads



3D Flooring: Good or Bad Interior Design Trend

3D is a kind of trend in recent interior design world. We have seen many 3D designs, 3D ceiling mural, 3D wall panel and now 3D flooring. Starting from Dubai, these 3D flooring becomes a thing and spread over the world.

The installation process involves printing a high-definition image onto photo paper, coating it with a two-component polymer to create a 3D effect and then sealing it with a protective lacquer. Honestly, I am fine with the trend of 3D ceiling mural, 3D wall panel, but 3D flooring? It just somehow makes me feel not that comfortable, especially when you apply those flooring at private homes. Just imagine yourself take a bath undersea or sleep over the trees. Do you think it is a bit weird? And the worst part is to have a shark attacking image as a part of the flooring. Seriously! You really want to sit on the toilet and have a bloody shark looking at you from the floor? Of course, not all the designs are that overwhelming. There are still some subtle and nice designs I don’t mind have at my home.

Below is a 25 3D flooring examples we found online which represents the most designing categories you will find on the market. Take a look and let us know how you like them. Just in case you want to give 3D flooring a try yourself, you can find a large collection here.

Unusual aquariums

iPond Portable Aquarium



Cool aquariums made from the shell of Apple Macintosh computers. [link]

aquarium16 aquarium17

Infinity Aquarium


Coffee Table Aquarium


Bathtub Aquarium


Sofa Aquarium


Spacearium Aquariums


Desk Aquarium


R2-D2 Aquarium


Local River Plant Aquarium


Bus Stop Aquarium


Bathroom Sink Aquarium


Old TV Aquarium