Interesting clock designs

Typographical Clock: The Qlocktwo by Biegert and Funk tells the time in written words. The light automatically adjusts to ambient light conditions so that even at night the clock can be easily read. It features a radio reception that allows it to receive the European time signal and adjusts the time automatically to the second.

The Front and Back Clock: The Front and Back is a clock designed by The Wrong Objects; it features unusual hands to tell the time.

World Time Clock Barrel: The World Time Clock Barrel features 12 sides, each inscribed with 2 major cities, in all 24 time zones with a simple rotation of the clock.

Shredder Clock: This unusual clock provides a strong motivation for you to wake up every morning or else you will lose your money.

Appointment Clock:

Industrial Clock: The oversize 2 foot diameter mechanical wall clock simply points to the present time on the large outer dial, which makes a full revolution twice a day. Although it looks like its constructed of heavy metal, but its actually made from lightweight plastic with a metallic finish.

Rollerclock: This clock beautifully combines the functions of a clock and a lamp.

Flower Clock: Each petal of this Flower Clock by R Assandri indicates five minutes and a new petal begins to expand whenever a new hour starts.

Shadow Clock: The “Shadow Clock” designed by Hanhsi Chen and Chiyu Chen has three shadows, one each for hour, minute, and second hands of the clock.

Moon Clock: This handmade glow in the dark wall clock comes from Haoshi Design.

Manifold Clock: The Manifold Clock is a simple, elegant and beautiful timepiece that displays an ever changing form.

O’ Clock: the O’Clock from Okum Made is sculpted from a solid block of walnut, maple, or cork.

A Slice of Time Wall Clock: This wall clock is an abstract take on the old classic, the grandfather clock.

Around Clock by Lexon: Designed by A Dickens, the Around Clock rotates around its base to tell the time.

Clock-O Wall Clock: This ultramodern wall clock by Raunak Narang reads like a continuous analog clock but actually processes time digitally.


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