The world’s coolest beds

Rocking bed
Interior designers Private Cloud have created a gorgeous bed that is designed to rock you to sleep. There are two models. The first is a bed in a full circle, which is great for larger rooms. But if you are a little stuck for space, there is a second model that does not have the huge canopy and is simply a bed on rockers.


Hamburger bed
The hamburger bed is a big round bed topped with everything you could ever want in a burger. The base of the bed is the heel of the bun, you are the bit in the middle – the burger – and on top go the sheets and cushions in the shape of lettuce, tomato, cheese and the crown of the bun. A must for food lovers.


Car bed
There are many examples of beds made from real cars. They are much cooler than the little car beds you may remember from your childhood. Think of it as a major DIY project. Find a car that no longer works but still has good body work and take it from there.






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