White tree: Unusual High-Rise Tower in Shape of Tree Branches

White Tree” is an imaginative structure crafted by Sou Fujimoto Architects, along withNicolas Laisné Associés and OXO Architects. Influenced by both Japanese and Mediterranean styles, the 17-storey mixed-use tower will accommodate residential units, office space, an art gallery, restaurant and a panoramic bar. This 10,000 square meter structure grows organically out of the ground, with a natural form that looks like tree branches. The various “branches” or decks provide shade for adjacent properties, and the architects imagined it as a vertical garden. Each of the highrise’s residents will select a preferred floor plan from a list of possible layouts, encouraging ‘free choice architecture’ with a series of modular spaces. The tower devises passive strategies throughout its design in order to ensure a comfortable and livable environment that feeds off locally available resources.








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