Innovative table designs

Modern coffee tables and creative table designs from all over the world. 

Calligaris Coffee Table: This stylish and retro contemporary coffee table by Calligaris has a central open area under the top and two side drawers that open by a rotating pivot pin.


Nautical Rowing Dory Coffee Table: It looks like a rowboat, acts like a coffee table. It comes with removable shelves that allow you to set the table on end and use it as a bookshelf.


Coffee Table: A space saver design unfolds into a stylish seating.


Gloria Coffee Table:


Venus Coffee Table


KAT Coffee Table: Three glass plates made out from three different kinds of glass are set in such a way that it creates an optical illusion.


Walnut Table: Creation of designer Emily Wettstein who uses used walnut and steel to craft each piece and it features a removable planter right in the center.


Hexa Coffee Table: Designed by Bernard Vuarnesson, it has six hidden areas that slide out to triple the available surface area. 





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