Bulbing: Optical Illusion 2D LED Lamp Looks Like 3D

Designed by Studio Cheha in Tel Aviv, Israel, Bulbing is an innovative LED lamp that tricks your eye and challenges your mind! By using 3D wire-frame images and transferring them onto 2D materials, designer successfully create optical illusion and fool your eyes. Then what is the benifit to have those 3D looking flat lamp? According to the designer, “What appears to be 3D is in fact 2D making it functional and helping you to SAVE SPACE. And You can surprise friends and family with the element of OPTICAL ILLUSION!”

Generally, the lamp comprises two parts: wooden base and acrylic glass changable top. All circuitry is wired, adhering to the highest electric standards. Upon placing the acrylic glass design in the lamp’s base (where the LED is positioned), the light breaks through the etched surface. If you like the design, you can pledged it on kickstarter.


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