Awsome trivet designs

Roasting Laurel: The cool Prepara Roasting Laurel can be used to elevate bird up and out of the fatand drippings for healthier cooking. It doubles as a trivet for your count and its flexible design allows it to be shaped for multiple cookware sizes.


QUAD Flexible Trivet: QUAD consists of 16 wooden cubes connected by a flexible ribbon that allows various configurations ranging from a compact square to a widespread circular shape.


Expandable Trivet: The unique design of Stretch™ allows to adjust its size to provide space for more than one cookware, or even a single large casserole dish.


Klipy Flexible Trivets: These Klipy trivets will bend to suit cookware of any shape and size.


Sketch Trivets: These are suitable for different sized cookware and dishes.


Stove Trivet: This tabletop protector comes from Artori Design, it resembles a gas stovetop; when you place your cookware or dishes on this cool trivet, it appears as if the dish is still cooking.


X trivet: These foldable trivets are great space savers.


Zebra Trivets: The Zebra twin trivets are two trivets in one interlocking design which can be used as one or separately.



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