Interesting summer gadgets

Windchiller Personal Mistingfan: Get relief anywhere, anytime from heat with ultra-fine mist from the Windchiller Handheld Personal Mistingfan. This durable easy-to-use gadget is proven to reduce temperatures up to 35°F.


USB Air Conditioned Shirt: The USB Air Conditioned Shirt from Japan comes with USB – fans that blow fresh air into the shirt. Stay cool during the summer with this shirt; just wear and plug it to the USB port on your computer or laptop or other devices.


ChiliBed Mattress: You can adjust the water temperature anywhere from 46°F – 118°F with a wireless remote, resulting in mattress surface as cool as 60°F and as warm as 110°F.


Tempronics Office Chair: Temptronics temperature controlled chair can be cooled in the summer, heated in the winter.


Climaware: Its designed to regulate your body temperature and can flip from 0 to 100 degrees Celsius at the push of a button.


Picnic Backpack: This multifunctional picnic bag divides the interior into two separate sections; one for general storage and the other for a beverage cooler. And in between them is a fold-out table that you can use to lay out a modest picnic for two.


Cool Vest for Dogs: Simply soak this cool vest and put it on your dog; the water provides a protective layer for the dog from direct and indirect sunlight and heat.



2 thoughts on “Interesting summer gadgets

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