Dog products and gadgets

Booster Bath Elevated Dog Wash Tub: This elevated dog washtub provides you a 360-degree access for easy bathing and drying your dog while you stay dry.


Dog Hoodie


Doggles: Doggles are superbly made sunglasses for dogs; these are perfect for dogs that like to lean out of car windows as these feature stylish air-vented wraparound frames that completely enclose the eyes.


Caravan Dog House: This is a luxury ceramic caravan dog house/dog bed designed by the Italian designer Marco Morosini for your pampered dog. 


Drinkwell Indoor Outdoor Dog Fountain: The drinkwell outdoor dog fountain provides 3.5 gallons of clean and filtered water to your dog. It features dual filtration with charcoal and foam filters.


Dog Chew Toy:


Super Collar: This supposed Super Collar features a built-in retractable 3-foot leash. 


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