Picnic and camping gadgets

Multi Fuel Camping Stove: The Multi fuel camping stove is portable to be transported in a backpack. The concept is versatile enough to be used either for short camps via a small gas canister, or for a longer term by using a larger canister.

Fuloon Inflatable Back Seat Car Bed: The Fuloon Inflatable Back Seat Car Bed makes the full backseat area as a bed, not just the width of the seat.

Reborn by Xue Zhichao: Reborn is a multi functional device; it transforms and becomes a water collection and purification device, a solar energy stove, a dish antenna, a search light, and food heating equipment.

Solar Water Kettle and Thermos: The Sunrocket is a solar powered kettle and thermos that heats water for drinking, washing, cooking and more. Its perfect for traveling and camping.

Flashlight by Armytek: Its rich in performance while compact in size; it impressive optics makes it an excellent compact thrower with 437 yards, capable of producing 670 lumens of light. The flashlight has the reserve line for a backup and in event of non-working of main circuit, the reserve line works and gives more than 100 days of light.

Backpack Inflatable Pontoon Boat: It weighs 42 lbs, each pontoon clocks in at a full 8′ long and can hold up to 350 lbs together and takes 15 minutes to assemble.

Inflatable Sleeping Bag: This award winning design concept of the ‘Sleeping Coat’, functions both as a windbreaker and as a sleeping bag. The lightweight waterproof fabric keeps the body warm and can be inflated to create a comfortable sleeping bag.

Weathermate: This handpowered radio provides you with instant access to NOAA weather radio frequencies.

Grand Trunk Hammock Compatible Sleeping Bag: Grand Trunk’s hammock compatible sleeping bag turns from hammock into a cozy insulated sleeping bag.


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