Interesting gadget pens

Collection of ‘Coolest and Awesome Gadget Pens’ from all over the world.

Pen+Sprayer: A neat little pen featuring a spray on one end that creates a writing surface on your palm.

Electronic Pen: This Meter Pen measures as you use it.

The Pen Sized Scanner: Its a ballpoint pen that works like a scanner as easily as it scribes notes.

Digital Music Composition Pen: The pen acts as a microphone you sing into and as well as records your song. When the pen is docked into the digital notebook, it automatically transcribes the tunes into a musical score.

Recorder Pen: This pen transforms your written notes into electronic files and then transfers it to your smartphone and laptop using Bluetooth.

Metal Pen with Level and Screwdriver: A level is in the main body, while the top holds reversible screwdriver bits.

Stainless Steel Portable Pen Projector: Creation of designer Edgar Navarro, this projector has a stainless steel body, its as powerful as other projection devices and works wirelessly via Bluetooth.

SD Pen: Its a combo of pen and SD card reader, can accommodate up to 4 SD or MMC cards; unscrew the pen to show the USB connector.

Color Picker Pen: A smart concept pen by Jinsu Park; it allows you to choose any color from your surroundings and instantly uses it for drawing.

Dictionary Pen: This contemporary design comes with a display, navigation buttons, an integrated wordlist and speech recognition.

5-in-1 Gadget Pen: 5-in-1 Gadget Pen features a pen, a mini flashlight, a pointer for your presentations, a stylus for those touchscreen devices and even a bank note checker.

Digital Pen: The Epos digital pen and USB drive work together, you write with the pen on a flat surface, and everything you write is saved on the USB drive.

U Drive Memory Pen: The tip of this inkless pen reads and stores the written text or sketches into the built-in memory card and can be accessed using the USB key at the back of the pen. With this pen you don’t need a paper to jot down notes, just the action of writing on any surface is good enough.

Mini Cooling Fan Pen: The pen comes with a cooling two-winged propeller fan.


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