Interesting glass gadgets

Xpand 3D Glasses: The 3D parameters of Xpand 3D Glasses can be modified to give ultimate 3D experience that you never felt before.

Pivothead Video-Recording Sunglasses: The Pivothead sunglasses feature a 1080p HD 8MP camera, a microphone and 8 GB of internal memory for your photos and videos.

Prism Glasses: These glasses transform your view to a 90° downward angle; that lets reading a book or watching TV while lying down comfortable.

Yellomosquito Wireless Video Glasses: These Wireless Video Glasses feature a built-in media player and DivX support by Yellomosquito.

Recon Jet: The Recon Jet features a dual core processor, dedicated graphics, Wi-Fi, ANT, Bluetooth, GPS, HD camera, and more.

Eyewear by Vergencelabs: The Eyewear is available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB models; it takes videos and stores data. More interestingly it also adjusts the lenses’ tint.

GlassUp: These glasses look like a normal pair of glasses but gives you driving directions, notifications, emails, etc.

Smart Glasses M100: This Android powered Smart Glasses M100 from Vuzix features a virtual display that allows you to access email or text messages and you can also take pictures and record videos.

Novero Madison Video Eyewear: It provides a full-size viewing experience equal to watching a 30-inch display 6 feet; it comes with its own handheld media player with Bluetooth connectivity.

ION Glasses: These smartglasses interact with your devices; makes sure you don’t miss any notification, allows you to control your techs, you wont loose your glasses or smartphone as they will beep if moved outside a pre-specified radius from one another and it allows you to customize them to match your style.


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