Pied Piper Duck Show: Annual Fashion Show for Ducks in Australia

When talk about fashion show, the first comes into your mind might be Paris fashion show or Milan Fashion show. Yes, they are world most famous fashion for human. But today we will talk about a special fashion show for duck only. Called “Pied Piper Duck Show”, well-dressed ducks waddle down the catwalk in Sydney, Australia. The sight is so adorable that attracts an average of 900,000 visitors and is considered as one of the highlights of the annual event.


Brian Harrington, the man behind the fashion show, has run it for the past three decades. He works with a professional dressmaker who individually styles each duck to a theme or era, such as daywear, evening attire, bridal outfits, and more. I have to say, duck is born with the character which can be easily dressed up. Take a look at below photos and find more Brian Harrington’s site.








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