Awesome sport gadgets for sports

Swingbyte 2 Golf Training Device: Swingbyte is a mobile golf swing analysis device that uses Bluetooth and connects to iOS or Android device and displays data to improve your golf.


Sony Smart Tennis: This device is to be placed into the base of the racquet and it wirelessly syncs to your smartphone with Bluetooth technology. It analyzes your swing, rates it and tells you how you can improve your performance whilst playing.


Zepp 3D Baseball Swing Analyzer: The Zepp 3D Baseball Swing Analyzer is an innovative training system that needs to be to attached to your bat and it wirelessly connects via Bluetooth to iOS or Android device and records thousands of data points for every swing, track bat speed, swing plane, bat angles and more. The gadget allows you to replay and review your swing in 360 degree from any angle.


Trace: Trace is an advanced tracker for action sports like surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding.


Deeper Portable Fish Finder: This smart, portable device connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and shows information about the fish, the pond bed, water temperature and more on the screen of a smartphone. The smart sonar works in the depths from 0.5 m to 40 m (130 feet), and it works in both salt and fresh water.


Gamegolf Digital Tracking System: This wearable technology automatically records every golfclub used, swing made and yard covered in each round, it calculates the key statistics for each play such as scoring, number of putts, greens in regulation, driving accuracy, etc. It enables you to review your play, share your info, compare and compete with others. The device features GPS, NFC, compass, accelerometer, and a gyrometer and uses low power wireless or USB to upload the data.



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