Christmas card photo ideas

1. Ornament Reflection- Capture your family’s reflection in a Christmas ornament! {Then use Photoshop to remove the camera from the reflection.}


2. Bubble Santa Beards- Give the kiddos a bubble bath and let them make their own Santa beards! Santa hats complete the look.


3. Christmas Chalk Art- Get creative and make your own Christmasy photo backdrop on your driveway with chalk!


4. Family Snowflake- Get the family to lie down in a circle on the ground to form your own human snowflake.


5. Snow Angels- Snap a pictures of your little angels having fun in the snow.


6. Christmas Wish Lists- Use a chalkboard or editing program to display each child’s Christmas wish list.


7. Christmas Photo Booth- Grab some fun printable props and snap some pics in your own Christmas photo booth.


8. Looking Through a Winter Window- Capture a picture of the kids or family looking through a snowy winter window.


9. Winter Picnic- Pack a winter quilt and some hot cocoa for a cozy family winter picnic.


10. Blowing Snow- Snap a picture of the family blowing snow into the camera. {I heard that instant potato flakes work great for fake snow too!}



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