Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Everyone

It is the last week before Christmas, hope you have all your gifts ready. However, if you are still struggling to find a perfect gift, check what our editors rounded up for you this year. None of them are expensive gifts, but they all have a little special features that might put a smile on you or someone who will receive the gift. Friends, family, lovers, kids, pets… the short list covers needs for different types of people. Take a look and hope you find it useful.

1. Breaking Bad Cook Suit Look A Lite LED Lamp

Sporting the iconic yellow hazmat suit and gasmask, these chubby little bedside lamps are a sentimental celebration of Pinkman and Heisenberg in their pomp; busy in the laboratory churning out batch after batch of the good old blue stuff whilst the money rolled in.

– Measures approx 13 x 25 x 10.5cm
– Requires 3 x AAA batteries (not supplied) or 1 x Micro USB Lead (not supplied)
– Made from ABS plastic


2. Recon Foldable Laser Mouse

With the ability to fully fold 180 degrees, Recon can easily slip into your laptop bag, backpack or even your pocket.

Other Features:
Superfine micro USB charger
high-gloss UV paint
anti-interference wireless technology
slim body, only 9mm.


3. Aerating Wine Glass – Set of Two

Using a decanter or a wine aerator, which allows your wine to breathe, is usually recommended to bring out the best flavor out of your red wine. But there’s a new, easier way to do it…. the Legacy Aerating wine glass comes with a built-in aerator in the middle. Pour in your favorite red and watch it go through the Legacy’s drainage holes, which speed up the wine’s flow to aerate it better than any decanter. Not only will it bring out your wine’s full flavor, it’s also quite entertaining to look at.


4. Jellyfish Bath Light
A new twist on the tradional bath-time rubber duckie
Safer than candles and more charming, the light up jellyfish soothes with a soft glow in pretty pastel colors
A button on the bottom switches the LED light inside the jellyfish on and off
The jellyfish has little feet so it can be used as a nightlight, too!
Includes 2 RL41 cell batteries


5. Matterhorn Glass

Crafted from premium quality crystal, this dazzling tumbler features a solid, scale replica of the iconic Matterhorn rising from the centre of the glass. Perfect for tackling an adventurous measure of scotch, while those hardy souls troop off up the Hörnli ridge.

The Lowdown:

Glass crystal whisky lowball glass
Base of the glass features a replica of the iconic Matterhorn

Measures approximately 72cm x 72cm x 63cm


6. Jpeg Wall Hooks

Jpegs | Coat hooks with handy pegs Inspired by the traditional clothes peg design, this set of three quality coat hooks designed by John Caswell will make a great feature on any wall. Each of these ply-wood coat hooks can be mounted to the wall with 2 screws (included). You can then personalise each hook by pegging your mail, memo’s and reminders, photos, or whaterver you fancy. Each Jpeg also contains 2 powerful magnets allowing you to stick them to your fridge, or any other steel surface, making the perfect place to peg your shopping lists, recipies and pictures, and hang your aprons and tea towels. Each box contains 3 Jpegs with screws and wall plugs.


7. Hunting Trophy Door Light

These Hunting Trophy Door Lights are the stylish and humane alternative to actual taxidermy, and with handy magnetic and screw mounting options you can put them up just about anywhere.

They’re not just to be stared at either; thanks to an in-built motion sensor, these majestic creatures light up every time they’re moved. Providing the perfect gentle glow for twenty seconds until you next stir them, so that means no more fumbling around for light switches in the dark.


8. Tetris Light
Flash your retro credentials, and brighten up that minimalist apartment with this official Tetris Light that lets you redesign your desk lamp whenever you like. Simply connect one of the bricks to the mains and then as each new brick is placed into position they will light up through some kind of magical, pre-war 8-bit Russian science.



As fantasy headwear goes, it doesn’t get much more enchanting than The Magicorn Hood. Purest white fur, a majestic golden horn, flowing rainbow mane and silky soft hooves. Just slip your weary head and hands within the luxurious plush innards of this fairy-tail steed and begin to fill your world with wonder.


10. Cat Crib

A space-saving cat hammock your feline will love! You can have a clutter free home and a satisfied cat! Chair legs need to be between 18″-27″ apart from each other. Works best on wooden square legs – will not work on slender metal “wire” chair legs.


11. Bird Measuring Spoons

These four standard measures are hand cast from lead free pewter in our original molds. Measurements are engraved on each spoon. This set includes one tablespoon, one teaspoon, 1/2 teaspoon, and 1/4 teaspoon. The largest spoon is 6 inches (15.25 cm) long and the rack measures 8.5 inches (21.5 cm).



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