Cool and Unusual Ladles

A ladle is a type of serving spoon used for soup, stew, or other foods. It is a common kitchen utensil and you probably use it everyday without paying attention to it. However, the 5 Cool and Unusual Ladles presented in this post are not your ordinary ladles. They either have cute design like the “Nessie Ladle” or some special function like the “Last Drop Ladle”. Take a look, maybe you want to try something new of ladle.

1. Nessie Ladle

The Nessie Ladle has the body shape of the mysterious Loch Ness monster but this guy’s got stubby little legs so that it can stand on its own. Designed by Ototo for the modern store Animi Causa, the turquoise blue ladle, unfortunately, isn’t ready to ship out until February. The cleverly designed product costs $15.99.


2. Last Drop Ladle by Jeho Yoon

Trying to get every last drop of liquid out of a serving bowl with a ladel is all but impossible. The contours of the rigid scoop and the bowl never seem to match up. But designer Jeho Yoon had a brilliant solution. Since a ladel made entirely from silicone would have no rigidity, he compromised by only making half the scoop from the flexible material, allowing it could squeeze into contoured corners.


3. Tate Otama Standing Ladle

The bottom of the ladle is flat so it can stand on your table. But food can still be scooped easily with the curved inside of this new style ladle. Designed by Mikiya Kobayashi.


4. Floating Ladle

Floater is a unique and clever cutlery design by Seongyong Lee. What makes it unique and clever is the ball in the middle of the utensils that makes them float. The floating capability prevents your spoons, forks or knives from sinking especially if you are using them in a container that has water, deeper than your arms can reach.


5. Strainer Ladle

This handy straining ladle combines form and function for flawless delivery of vegetables, eggs, potatoes – from hot stove to cool tableware. Easily pressed into service for quick rinses of berries or cherry tomatoes under the faucet. Sturdy construction and bold contemporary color choices add to the winning set of features for this new offering and all the Joseph kitchen tools. By Joseph masters of form and function.



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