Beautiful Macro Photos of Ladybugs Glistening With Water

From Ireland-based photographer Tomasz Skoczen‘s camera, these ladybugs look absolutely enchanting when they are glistening with rain or dew. Using his Canon 5D Mark II and his macro lens, Tomasz took mostly of these black and red winged insects in the garden of his backyard. Skoczen has learned a great deal about ladybugs, from where to find them to how many species they have, from their appearance to their behavior. No wonder he can capture so many amazing ladybug photos.

Here are some tips Skoczen shared on taking macro photos of ladybugs. “Exercise a lot of patience and have your eyes wide open. Be observant to the micro world going on underneath your feet. Be an early bird. Get up early for your shoot when all insect are waking up, are very slow or will stay still. A big advantage is to have a good flashgun with a diffuser for a soft effect. The flashgun allows you to apply a high shutter speed, which will give you a sharp image.”












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