Unusual and Creative Hotels

Floating Hotel in Sweden
At this hotel, guests can work and socialize in an inspiring environment, enjoy good food and drink, and then fall asleep to the sound of lapping waves.


Sand Hotel in United Kingdom
World’s first sand castle hotel at Weymouth beach in the seaside Town of Dorset in the UK.


Jungle Hotel in Mexico
V-Houses, an amazing jungle retreat near the fishing village of Yelapa in tropical Mexico.


Ice Hotel in Canada
Unique ice and snow hotel offers a distinctive and incomparable experience that disappears every spring.


Capsule Hotel in Japan
Modern hotel where the guest space is reduced in size to a modular plastic or fiberglass block, providing enough room to sleep.


Survival Pod Hotel in Netherlands
The Capsule Hotel, which consists of oil rig survival pods, is located on a canal in Amsterdam.


Cave Hotel in Turkey
Unusual hotel offers fabulous atmosphere in exotic setting.


Airplane Hotel in Sweden
Now you can spend the night on-board a real jumbo jet.


Treehouse Hotel in India
Eco-friendly jungle getaway located in the heart of Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary. Get ready for wonderful and amazing experiences.


Prison Hotel in Germany
Former German prison turned hotel offers guests a jailhouse experience, with a possibility of walking out whenever they like.


Underwater Hotel in Fiji
World’s first undersea resort located on a private island in Fiji. Poseidon Resorts offers exciting adventures with luxury accommodation.


Drain Pipe Hotel in Austria
Cool hotel constructed from repurposed incredibly robust drain pipes.



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