Shoe Sculptures for 12 Ex-lovers by Sebastian Errazuriz

Chilean-born and New York-based artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz gave new meaning to his romantic and sexual relationships by creating 12 shoes that represent his 12 ex-lovers, each of whom became the influence for a series of shoe sculptures. The shoes are all given special nicknames that can seem at times mysterious or greatly informative. Furthermore, every design is accompanied with a story that makes the origin of the nicknames and designs even clearer.

In an interview with core77, Errazuriz said that there were little to no problems with most of the exes being featured in his work. However, he also said, “others, I was a little concerned. There are a couple I just knew would be bad. There’s a husband and a boyfriend that could be quite upset, but my stories have no real names and the photos don’t show any faces.”

1. Shoe 1 – “Honey” Natasha


2. Shoe 2 – “Cry Baby” Alexandra


3. Shoe 3 – “Gold Digger” Alison


4. Shoe 4 – “Heart Breaker” Laura


5. Shoe 5 – “Ice Queen” Sophie


6. Shoe 6 – “Hot Bitch” Caroline


7. Shoe 7 – “The Virgin” Anna


8. Shoe 8 – “Jetsetter” Jessica


9. Shoe 9 – “The Boss” Rachel


10. Shoe 10 – “Gi Jane” Barbara

11. Shoe 11 – “The Ghost” Valentina

12. Shoe 12 – “The Rock” Alice

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