Nature Inspired Glass Work by Simone Crestani

Simone Crestani is an artist, a designer, and a glassblowing master. He was born in Marostica, in the region of Venice, where he still lives and works. Always admired with wonder and respect the nature, Crestani believes that it is the greatest expression of beauty, that kind of beauty that satisfies the senses, that kind of beauty that only art can approach. That’s the reason why in his work Crestani takes inspiration from natural forms, repurposing them through a decorative key that preserves the elegance and poetry. When asked why he uses glass as medium, Crestani said, “There is no real reason why I chose glass, may be glass picked me. I have been so lucky to fell in love with it when I was young and to learn well its secrets. Having indeed the control of technique allowed me to use it as medium to develop my thoughts.”











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