Incredible Photos of Surreal Smoke Shapes

These are not some Photoshoped work. These are three months of work for photographer Thomas Herbrich who snapped some 100,000 individual photographs of smoke, looking for unexpected anamalies and fortuitous coincidences where familiar shapes emerged. It is interesting to see how the brain tries to create order out of chaos, try to find familiar patterns such as faces, hands, spine or scrolls of paper out of those random images. After carefully sifting through each image Herbrich selected 20 final shots for this series, aptly titled, Smoke. Here are some of our favorite, click here to see the whole collection.

1 (6)

2 (3)

3 (3)

4 (3)

5 (3)

6 (3)

7 (3)

8 (2)

9 (2)


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