Creative and Unusual Chess Set Designs

The history of chess is more than 1500 years. It’s the oldest skill game in the world. Alought famous grandmasters insist that appearance of chess isn’t important at all, it doesn’t prevent modern designers to create new models of game pieces, more and more creative. Today we have compiled a list of the most fancy and stylish chess sets modeled by different designers. Some of them you can purchase from amazon and some of them are limited edition which might cost you a handful of loose diamonds. Take a look and hope you enjoy those special chess sets.

1. KNGDOM Chess Set by Blank William
1 (1)

2. Chess collection by XYZ Integrated Architecture
2 (1)

3. Skyline Chess Set
3 (1)

4. Typographic Chess Set
4 (1)

5. Creative Tool Chess Set
5 (1)

6. Skeleton key chess set

7. Wobble chess set

8. Unique Recycled Auto Part Chess Set

9. Pumpkin chess set

10. Amorphous Organic chess set

11. Jeweled Chess Set by Vittorio Ceccoli

12. The King’s Men Chess Set

13. Star Wars Chess Set

14. Street Fighter Chess set

15. 3D Knight Pewter Chess Set


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