Free Flowing Glass Sculptures by K. William LeQuier

These stunning, free flowing glass sculptures are created by K. William LeQuier by using a unique style he’s developed – carve glass into a myriad of textures using a sandblaster and a diamond saw. Though labor-intensive, this work resulted in unexpected and exciting results. Every sculpture starts with a rough sketch. From that, he produces a template to scale. Then, as the artist explains, “Thin strips of adhesive rubber are arranged one at a time on each plate of glass. When the plate is sandblasted, the rubber acts as a resist. The rest of the plate is cut away leaving only what was protected by the rubber. After each plate is sandblasted the plates are then glued together with a special UV curing epoxy.” Sanding is done with a belt sander and details are carved with a diamond tip. The artist creates the base and armature on which the sculpture rests all by hand.










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