Cool and Unusual Pizza Cutter

In most cases, the pizza you eat have already been sliced. However, if you are those who like to bake your own pizza, then you are going to need a pizza cutter. For someone, they find the feeling of slicing a pizza is even better than the act of eating the pizza it’s self! Sounds crazy? Not sure how many people feel that way, but we do see a lot of creative/crazy pizza cutter designs probably pushed by this kind of thoughts. Have a look at some interesting pizza cutters available in the market and make sure you have them to get your delicious pizzas equally “sliced”.

1. Pizza Wheel

1 (1)

2. Bicycle Pizza Cutter

2 (2)

3. Dreamfarm Scizza 12-Inch Pizza Scissors

3 (2)

4. PI Pizza Cutter


5. Pete the Pizza Cutter Man


6. Rocket Top Spin Pizza Cutter


7. Laser-Guided Pizza Cutter


8. PIZZA BOSS Circular Saw Pizza Wheel


9. Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter


10. Quirky Slice Pizza Wheel Cutter



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