Exceptional Fairy-Tale House in Germany

Hiding among the green forests of Germany’s Grünwald, this extremely beautiful house surpasses by far any concept of what one might expect from a home. Be in harmony with nature, its landscaped roofs almost camouflage the nearly 9,000-square-foot home even from an aerial view. There are many playful designs elements you can easily notice – playful window fronts, gracefully forged balconies, swirling intarsia wood floors, seven unique fireplaces, colourful mosaics, custom-made furniture and carpet and park-like garden which can be accessed from all rooms. They more time you spend in the room, the more details you will find. Leaf, branch, and petal shapes can be found everywhere in the house. Besides all these unique interiors, this residence also accommodate a library, a gym, a music room, and a special car elevator that accesses an underground, six-car garage, a nearly Olympic-size indoor swimming, and a second pool is disguised by park-like gardens to look like a natural swimming hole. Really spectacular designs and so its price – 23 millions.

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