World in the Puddles by Guido Gutiérrez Ruiz

Photograph of reflection isn’t something new, however, to find these hidden world need keen eyes. Focusing mainly on rain puddles, Guido Gutiérrez Ruizuses their natural mirroring ability to take shots which appear to contain buildings and landscapes doubled over. Take a look at below breathtaking photos and see how Ruiz described his work.


“With my Instagram @guigurui I love to be able to capture the ‘unseen’. Parallel worlds that are hidden from the naked eye and oblivious to many. Most people, when they see a puddle they try to avoid them, where in my case, I love to discover them and even more, what they hide.

For my pictures I use nothing more than my smartphone. I enjoy taking pictures that tell their own story without the use of a professional camera, and without photoshop.

Here I share with you, some of my puddle reflections I have taken during some of my travels.”

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