9 Cool Spider Shaped Product Designs

Not much people like spider, the eight-leg creatures. The most occasions it will be used is probably on Halloween parties. However, there are still some designers fond of it and create some interesting designs making use of its eight-legs shape or scary appearance. Take a look at below 9 Cool Spider Shaped Products, from giant table clock to spooky ceiling chandelier, which spider you want to have at home?

1. Alessi PSJS Juicy Salif Citrus Squeezer [amazon]


2. Spyder Light [designswan]

8 (1)

3. Spider Table Clock [designswan]

3 (1)

4. Spider Phone Stand [amazon]

4 (1)

5. Spider Ceiling Lamp [amazon]

5 (1)

6. Kanibot Spider Spy Robot [fancy]

6 (1)

7. Spiderpodium Flexible Tablet Stand [amazon]

7 (1)

8. Spider Chair [fancy]

9 (1)


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