18 Heart Warming Photos of Birds Cuddling

The weather is getting colder and colder, we have to put on warmer clothing, but how about animals? Of course, their feather or fur will adjust to be thicker to adapt environment. But if it is still not enough, they will cuddle together to keep warm. It is said, “They huddle together in such roosts for warmth, the most dominant birds taking the center positions, forcing the immature and more subordinate to the edges where they are at the mercy of the elements.” Hence, we will see group of birds cuddling together especially in winter time. Besides to keep warm, there are many other reasons that birds like to cuddle together. It is also a good way to express closeness between birds couples. Therefore, no matter it is because cold or affection, it is a sweat thing to see they cuddle together. Do you think so?

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