Most Fantasy Book Covers by Aniko Kolesnikova

Although I am not sure how many of you still write journal and how many of you need your journal has a really fancy cover, you probably will want one when you see Aniko Kolesnikova’s customized book cover. Aniko Kolesnikova, the Latvian designer-artist, working under the name Mandarin Duck, using ‘polymer clay’ to make fantastic book covers with dragon, birds and other nature-inspired themes. The book covers are nothing short of magnificent: flying horse, colorful dragons or wise owl. All of these covers are spectacular and you might just want one even you won’t write anything on it. If you are interested in creating your own cover, you can follow Kolesnikova’s youtube channel where she shows off her products and hosts tutorials. Or you can get it ordered from etsy directly, although 230 USD for a A6 size journal cover isn’t cheap at all.

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