Tights Comes With Pre-painted Toenails

It probably is not possible to re-paint their toenail everyday for most of girls, however it is definitely not a problem to change their tights everyday. Based on that fact, Belle Maison (a Japanese company) invented a series of stockings come with a variety of pre-painted colors and designs toenails that are said to suit every occasion. From stripes and polka dots to tiny hearts and shells, there are so many options and you can change them whenever you want (as long as you have the extra tights at hand). So next time you’re thinking of decorating your toenails, leave the polish on the shelf and pick up a pair of pre-painted tights instead. They’re cheaper than a pedicure and they last longer too. The only backwards is they gone when you took off your tights. But if you only want to show off it in daytime, they should fulfil all your needs.

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