Creative Tea Bags Designs

Just when we thought no one will pay attention to one time used tea bag designs, we had our first creative tea bag design collection in 2009. Now 7 years later, is there any new ideas coming up? Well, we don’t have that much, but the one we found are pretty impressive though, especially the goldfish tea bag. How wonderful to have a fish tea swimming in your cup? And there are more of those creative designs in the list. Take a look and probably, it is time to try something new for yourself?

1. Goldfish Tea Bags [buy here]

1 (1)

2. Eagle to Pigeon Tea Bags [source]

2 (2)

3. Tea Bag with Hanger [source]

3 (1)

4. Teepee poles [source]

4 (1)

5. Samova Flowering Tea Bags [source]

5 (1)

6. ROYALTEA [buy here]


7. Christmas Tea Bag [source]


8.Tea Shopping Bag [source]


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