Beautiful Crafted Wooden Lamp Cast Intricate Shadows on Surrounding

These intricately detailed lamps were created by Pranaya Design, a Czech Republic based team of two. Josipa is the one who is responsible for the ideas and design, and Jirka, whose knowledge of laser building and operating brought the project to life. The process to create a lamp is as complex as the shadow it casts. It took the pair several months to find the correct parts and assemble the laser-cutting machine, and to find the right light source which can cast such an intricate shadow on the surrounding surface.

The lamps are created digitally and sent to the machine to be laser cut. They are then stained, glued and varnished by hand. They are available in two series, one with a Tree of Life theme and one featuring geometric designs and symbols.

If you are interested in buying one of those fancy shadow lamp, you can check the company’s Etsy shop. Depends on its size and complexity, the lamp price varies from 100 USD to 200 USD.


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