Fresh Gallery Wall Ideas for Inspiration

Gallery Wall probably is one of the most affordable and easiest way to give your home a face-lift. It is a great way to show your personal style and cherished memories. Gallery walls can be as eclectic or uniform, the things they present can vary from home to home. They just allow you to display everything that you love in a way that feels right. Moreover, they are also a smart way to fill awkward spaces and make them feel really special. There are many tips and ideas for how to create a gallery wall. And here, in stead of throwing you a bunch of images of beautiful gallery walls, we try to do our best to present you some categorized ideas and give you a brief idea of those walls. If you like one kind of wall, you can pick the category and do more further research to set up your very own gallery way.

Photo Gallery Wall
The first things come into your mind when build a gallery wall is using photos. Your family photo, your personal photo, your photography work. All those photos record part of your life and it is nice to hang them up.

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