Playful Scarves Look Like You Have an Animal Wrapped Around Your Neck

I will never consider wrapping animal fur around my neck without even thinking about animal protection. Honestly, it is a kind of gross for me and feel likes wearing some dead body. However, there are many fashion hunters still want to achieve a sophisticated, vintage look of women in the 1920s, dressed to the nines in their furs and stoles. To satisfy their needs without letting them feel guilty, Polish sisters Celina and Maja Debowska decided below elegantly animal felted scarves. There are many animal options such as swan, fox, owl, cat and so on. Each scarf is made by hand with 100% raw materials and heaps of attention to detail. Although I am not quite sure how many animals can be saved by these types of scarf, they are definitely playful and creative. Like those scarfs? You can purchase them from Celina and Maja Debowska’s Etsy shop.

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