Coffee in Cone: Drink Your Coffee and Eat Your Cup

Would would you do with the coffee cup after you finish the coffee? Most of us throw it and some of artist will draw on it. However, for the special cup in this post, I bet we will definitely eat it! Yet, that is the special coffee from #coffeeinacone, a special coffee shop in Tokyo.

the Tokyo-based shop offers a wide selection of cones, allowing sweet-toothed coffee lovers to experiment with different flavors. Customers can choose to have their “cups” dipped in chocolate, coated in sprinkles, or even covered in matcha powder. Moreover, the shop also experiments with latte art, topping off their already creative concoctions with tulips, hearts, and their signature smiley faces. So it is not only about coffee, latte art and edible container. You will have all of them in one “cup”! What a lovely creation! If you happen to be in Tokyo and you’d like to get your hands on your own coffee in a cone, check out the cafe’s website.


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