Can Street be Canvas? Yes, Artist Roadsworth Says

Roadsworth (see previous) began a guerrilla street art campaign to encourage the city of Montreal to build more bike lanes. Gibson cleverly modified roads, sidewalks, parking lots and any other publicly visible asphalt surface he can transform with paint and turned them into something else. For him, every white or yellow traffic paint stripe is a new opportunity. However, his painting was not premitted from beginning which caused he got arrested in 2004. Ironically, his arrest made his career possible by giving him visibility within the very system he criticized. Today, he is often hired to do the same thing he was arrested for – make public art by painting streets and sidewalks. Like many artists, Roadsworth walks the line between trying to evolve as an artist and push boundaries while staying within those boundaries enough to make a living.

Personally, I don’t really like the idea of make eye-catching painting on street. I think that will cause more traffic problem instead of having a safe lane for bike. However, having some interesting drawing on sidewalks or parking are totally fine, as long as they are good enough.


Rainbow Smoothie Bowls Bring a Tie Dyed Twist to Healthy Eating

Although there are clearly some fruits and vegetables in below photos, I still didn’t connect that with food at first sight because it just looks too colorful. Rachel Lorton, a self-proclaimed “smoothie bowl enthusiast” creates below eye-pleasing dishes with all-natural ingredients such as turmeric, hemp heart, pea flower, beetroot and cantaloupe.

Neon pink, ocean blue, and deep magenta together resemble tie dye prints you’d find on clothing. But don’t be afraid about those vibrant colors, they are just vegan food which should be good for you. Through her Instagram, Lorton demonstrates that you don’t need artificial colors or flavors to make stunning works of food art. There are some video tutorials on her Instagram page and you can take a look if you are not only statisfied by looking at these visual treats and want to try by yourself.

Retro Objects and Appliances Covered with Cross Stitch

Using household appliances and cooking tools as the base, Swedish designer Ulla Stina Wikandercreate some really unusual cross-stitched sculptures. Finding old, outdated appliances, clothing, and furniture, she cloaks them in colorful tapestries. By stretching every inch of their surfaces, those rigid items suddenly becomes warm and cozy with their illustrated coverings. All those cross-stitch designs (such as pastoral landscapes, vibrant florals, and regal portraits) come from the 59-year-old artist’s vast collection, allowing Wikander to give a new context to each blowdryer, rolling pin, and typewriter she covers.

Here are some of her unusual collection of cross-stitched sculptures and you can find more on her website.

Geometry Inspired Sculpted Cake by Dinara Kasko

One year ago, we once showed a series of “architecture-like” cake by the Ukrainian pastry chef Dinara Kasko. Since then, Dinara continues her experiment and incorporate mathematical algorithms and 3D printing into her baking process, bringing us some new “Geometry Inspired Sculpted Cake”. Many of the cake designs begin as a collaboration with mathematicians or sculptors who help develop the patterns she then utilizes to print special molds. For me, these amazing cakes look more like furniture or decoration instead of edible desserts. However, when you cut them, you will see their delicious inner.


Cool Animal Themed Kitchen Tools

It is not the first time we talked about animal themed kitchen toolsand today we have another cool collection of 10 for you. Why animal? You might ask? Maybe cooking just needs to have more fun for someone or maybe it is a good way to encourage your kids to cook with you? Anyway, in today’s collection, animals — both real and fictitious are ready to help. From colanders to sloth, let’s accessorize your space with more animal themed kitchen tools.

Realistic Clay Succulents Shaped Jewelry

It seems wearing nature inspired jewelry is a hot trend now. Year ago, American florist Susan McLeary designs a special kind of jewelry – live succulent jewels. The actual living succulents are attached to the accessories and can grow up to 2-4 weeks. However, when those succulents grow out of their jewelry container, you have to separate the plants from the base and pot it. It might sound a bit trouble for some people. Hence, if you like those succulents shaped jewelry but don’t want to take care of the plants, the polymer clay succulents from Iryna Osinchuk-Chajka is worth checking. Iryna’s wonderful succulent jewelry includes various creative items like right, necklaces, hair pins, combs and other interesting accessories. Take a look at those realistic creation below and if you are interested, you can head over to Iryna’s Etsy store to find more.

Creative and Playful Street Art by Tom Bob

Using street “furniture” like poles or electrical terminals, American artist Tom Bob creates colorful and whimsical pieces that interact with their surroundings. From drum player to rustic robot, from walking elephant to crawling alligator, Tom is making the city a much happier place for everybody. Let’s just hope no one caught Tom so we can enjoy more of his whimsical works.

Unreal Realism: When Photography Meets Pencil Illustration

When I first saw Tullius Heuer‘s work, I thought it was similar to those 3D drawing we featured before. However, the more I browserd, the more wondered I am. How he was able to draw such realistic image and those people looks so real and popup out of the paper. It turns out that is a combination of drawing and photo manipulation. Actually, the Brazilian digital artist-illustrator Tullius Heuer blends simulated pencil art with photography to create amazing illusion that his sketches are coming to life – and reaching off the page. I know on first sight, it might looks a bit eerie – but it is compellingly fantastic.

Insect Made Out Of Arranged Flowers

Although you can find lots of insect wondering around flowers, you probably won’t like them as much as you enjoy flowers. However, Montreal-based creative Raku Inoue’s latest art work “Natura Insects” might change you a little bit. At least you can enjoy the insects as you enjoy the flowers in this series since all the stag beetles, butterflies, and other insects are made out of real flowers. Take a look at photos below and you can find more interesting flower related work on Raku’s Instagram.

Arbori: The Fantastic Forest Guardians Inspired By Miyazaki

The Arboriare fantastic creatures of all shapes and sizes that blend in with the various landscapes of the planet. Artist Emily Colemanstarted to sculpted her first Arbori in 2008. It was originally created as an experiment in texture, drawing inspiration from Miyazaki films while the completed piece was very popular. Then Emily started to create more tree dragons and make them guardians of the forest, keeping out all that seek to harm it. According to Emily “The dragons are linked symbiotically with the forests they protect and share the same life force. The Arboriwere born from this concept.”