Paper Food: Creaitive Paper Sculpture by Maud Vantours

Paper, the easily accessible material is one of the most great artistic chameleons. Depending on technique, paper can look wildly different and we have been featuring lots of incredible paper artwork on our site. Today, we will introduce you another creative designer and artist Maud Vantours who transforms an especially two dimensional medium into a three dimensional work with incredible details. Here are interesting creation of “Paper Food” from her Instagram.


One Origami Paper Cranes a Day for 1,000 Days

Folding a origami paper cranes isn’t that difficult, however, folding a different origami paper cranes continuously for 1,000 days is quite impressive. For nearly three years, origami enthusiast Cristian Marianciuc continued to produce a vast flock of 1,000 paper birds. The whimsical cranes are generally more decorative rather than showing off the folding techniques. Hence, you can see from below photos that those paper birds are decorated with all manner of leaves, beads, thread, flowers, feathers, and other materials too numerous to list. Below is only a small collection of Cristian’s work and you can find all of them on his Instagram page.

Playful Pizza Inspired Products

Pizza is one of the most popular food in western culture and some people just can’t live without it. Adorable pepperoni hats, cheesy bedding, fancy pizza dress are just some of the pizza inspired products that are taking the world of novelty retail by storm. If you are one of these pizza lovers and want to wear some funny pizza sock or keep warm with a pepperoni sleeping bag, don’t miss the article below. These playful products are sure to turn heads and make strangers laugh.


Cool and Playful Chopsticks Rest Designs

A chopstick rest is used to keep chopstick tips off the table and to prevent used chopsticks from contaminating or rolling off tables. It is quite popular in Japanese and Chinese resturants. The most chopstick rest you might see are probably just a plain ceramic block with a curving surface to hold your chopstics. But that should not be the case, there are many other playful and eye-catching designs you can find. Here are some of our favorites designs, although the no-face mouth version is a bit creepy.

Quirky Wooden Art by Yen Jui-Lin

Let’s say hello to the cutest wooden toys designed and handcrafted by Taiwanese artist Yen Jui-Lin. These adorable creatures demand attention due to their playful appearance and beautiful wood grain patterns. Some of them are just toys while some of them can function as flower vase, key holders or wall hooks. Just imagine how playful it would be to have some of them cartoon-like figures hanging on the wall. I would love to have at home.

Life-size Insects Made out of Bamboo

At first glance of below images, the insects seem to be ready to crawl or fly off the page. However, they are actually crafted out of bamboo from by Japanese artist Noriyuki Saitoh. Butterfly, dragonfly, beetle, bee, mantis and all those bugs are thoughtfully recreated with their essential features to give the impression of life. Just take a look at the images, you will be easily “woo” by Saitoh’s delicate work – razor-thin veins in the wings of dragonflies, wiry whiskers of grasshoppers, all those incredible details make these insects look as if they could scurry away at any moment.

Miniature Furniture for Pets

From our previous posts about pet furniture, we know that pet furniture can be quite luxurious and unusual. But what will happen if let company like IKEA designed their furniture? Recently, IKEA just launched a new range called Lurvig (hairy in Swedish word), which is a collection of furniture specifically designed for pets. With some reusing, improving and downsizing work, you might find all the sudden the furniture you are using have the same models for your pets.