More Floral Insects by Raku Inoue

Raku Inoue(previously) continues his wild imagination of floral insect. After an extended road trip to several destinations in the American Southwest, Raku got more inspirations and brought us more floral creation. Using seeds, sticks, pepper, fallen cactus segment, leaves and flower, Raku created detailed insects like scorpion, ant, centipede, beetle and more. With proper arrangment, you can easily recognize these creatures and some of them are quite realistic and make you think they are real at first glance. See more creative works from Raku on his instagram page.


Creative Success/Error Message Design

Success/Error message is one of the commonest message window we see on the web. It is usually used as a feedback message shown after certain operation. Of course, everyone likes to see the success message. However, in the real world, we can’t avoid “Error” message totally. Although it is not pleasant to see “Error” message, while a well designed “Error” message can ease frustration. Here we handpicked some creative Success/Error Message Designs from dribbble. Compared with normal message, these ones are definitely more visually appealing. However, I have to see, graphically looking good is one thing, the content of the message is important as well, especially for the “error” message. Let user know what’s wrong is more important than a good looking design.


The Unusual Shining Hand Ranch Looks Like Come Out Directly from Your Fantasy Novels

We like fantasy novels since it make you feel you are in the other world, but what if you could actually live in another realm every day? Oregon artist and house developer Ed Bemis work together and build this whimsical home – Shinning Hand Ranch that is so detailed it is fit for royalty from your favorite book. This unbelievable home was completely custom created by local artists and incorporates eco-friendly features. The space is heated and cooled with the use of geothermal energy with a solar heated pool. Intricate, hand-made pieces are the cornerstone of what makes this home unique.

Incredible Flowers Made From Chocolate by Pastry Chef Amaury Guichon

At first glance of some of the photos below, you might thought they were some kind of digital art however, they are actually made of chocolate and sculpted by Las Vegas based international pastry chef Amaury Guichon. Amaury started his career at the age of 14, with apprenticeships throughout Switzerland and France, and at age 21 he was hired as the youngest executive pastry chef in Paris.

Delicious Watermelon Inspired Design

If you ask me what is the fruit can represent summer mostly, watermelon is my answer for sure. This juicy and sweet fruit is full of bring color and the designs inspired by it are pretty sweet, humm, maybe a little bit cheeky as well. From the mug to candle, from the soap to stool from the beach towl to serving ring, you can see a lot of watermelon inspired designs in our life and why not to get some and celebrate this lovly summer?

Creative Animal Paper Lamp by Vasili Lights

Etsy is one of my favorite online marketplace where you can always find something surprise youself. From jewelry to crafts to one-of-a-kind works of art, there are endless creative designs wait for you to explore and the best part is? You don’t just enjoy those ready-made products, you can create your own by the well-prepared DIY kits.

Like the store we would like to introduce today, VasiliLights – an Etsy stores makes lighting fun with their DIY paper lampshades. From jellyfish to octopus, from dolphin to sea turtle, those neat sea animal paper sculptures and a soft glow lampshade are rolled into one and become easy-to-assemble kits that go from flat sheets of paper to a 3D sculptures.

Hand-Cut 3D Paper Sculptures by Lisa Lloyd

Inspired by both nature and the design world, Uk-based designer and illustrator Lisa Lloydcreates incredible three-dimensional paper art. Using layers of multicolored paper, Lisa builds dazzling birds, floral arrangements, buzzing bees. And if you take a close look, you will be surprised about the level of details Lisa add to her work. Feathers, scales, wings, legs, all those parts are made from hundreds of tiny hand-cut paper piece.

Incredible Sculpted Cake Designs by Elena Gnut

Kaliningrad, Russia based Pastry Chef Elena Gnuthas more than 174k Instagram followers by showcasing her original intricate sculpted cakes. If you just glance through the images below and without reading the article title, you probably will not related them with cake, simply because these cakes look more like artistic sculptures than treats meant to be eaten. Whether she’s molding the frosting into whimsical shapes, using edible dyes to paint or decorating the edible art with flowers, berries or fruits, the young confectioner is always coming up with new and intriguing ideas. Each cake is a different piece of art, with a unique style and theme.