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The World’s Weirdest Hotels

Vacation season is knocking at the door. Hotel reservations are lifting for warm, striking locales. However, if conservative relaxation isn’t sufficient, off-the-grid adventure may calm your soul. Perhaps, the following bizarre hotels could do the trick.

Underwater Shark Tank (Paris)

Visitors sleep with the fishes in the undersea exhibit at Aquarium de Paris, located near the Eiffel Tower. Perhaps, it’s a place which you would never even have dream of. The tank consists of a glass capsule which goes 33-feet deep within a three million-liter tank encircled by several man-eating sharks. Regardless of how weird it is to spend holidays there, the services that it provides are top-notch!

Ice Hotel (Quebec City, Canada)

Hôtel de Glace is a Nordic hotel constructed completely from 30,000 tons of snow and 500 tons of ice. This outstanding hotel contains artistic lighting, winter décor, outdoor saunas, arctic spas, heated bathrooms, fireplaces, intricate ice sculptures and snow carvings, and 44 thematic suites. If you are including this beautiful hotel in your bucket list, make sure to travel there with your family.

Turkish Caves (Cappadocia, Turkey)

Yunak Evleri is the weirdest hotel in Turkey. Yet, it has been ranked as a five-star hotel due to its wonderful settings and services. The hotel greets visitors with 40 deluxe hotel suites, stone fireplaces, archways, nooks, and unconventional doors and windows carved into a spectacular landscape. If you are planning to travel to Turkey anytime soon, then this place is a must see one.

SiloStay, Little River (New Zealand)

Located in Little River, SiloStay provides inventive eco-friendly lodging on New Zealand’s Banks Peninsula. Although the neighbouring area provides no immediate attractions, the proprietors of SiloStay expect that the physically round silo and peaceable environments will give visitors the chance to seek personal introspection. The silos are constructed across two floors and are well-equipped with televisions, balconies and kitchen facilities!

The Dog Bark Park Inn (Idaho, USA)

The Dog Bark Park Inn gives its visitors a whole new experience. Managed by chainsaw artists, the b&b is situated inside a 12-foot beagle. Visitors need to enter the beagle’s body over the second-storey deck. If you are a dog lover, this hotel will most probably suit you best. What makes it nicer is the peaceful atmosphere.

V8 Hotel (Stuttgart, Germany)

This hotel is exclusively made for the car lovers. All the available rooms are themed around automobile with features including drive-through cinemas, racing paraphernalia and vintage cars. If you are used to attending racing events, then you should perhaps take your friends along and visit this exceptional hotel in Stuttgart.

Hotel Central & Café (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Hotel Central & Café located in Copenhagen takes boutique to another level. This hotel contains just one bedroom though. It measures 8ft x 10ft. Even if there is a lack of space, there are still a mini bar, an iPod docking station, television, bathroom and a double bed. When it comes to the morning coffee, it is merely steps away.


Playful Animal Paper DIY Craft Kit

We featured many amazing paper craft arton the site, however, most of us can only enjoy it as an art work but won’t be possible to create one by ourselves. PIPEROID ANIMAL is one of the series from PIPEROIDS family, designed for animal lovers and DIY kit enthusiasts alike. Basically it is a paper craft kit to build animal figurines using only scissors and without any tape or glue. Just cut, fold, and connect the unique pipes to assemble your favorite animal with movable joints.

Cremart: Unbelievable Art on Coffee by Kangbin Lee

When I first saw Kangbin’s cremart, I thought that were some painting at the bottom of the coffee cup and don’t think that was a big deal at all. However, after I watch closely and found out those paintings were drawn with a thin metal rod and a palette of food dyes on latte, I was totally shocked and didn’t want to believe my eyes. How would that be possible? Are those just some photoshopped photos? After watching Kangbin’s video of how to make some of the cremart, I started to believe there is someone can actually create latte art like these. From Bambi to Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night”to Disney’s cartoon characters, it looks like there’s virtually nothing he can’t draw on milk foam. Now the question is if you have such a cup of latte in front of you, will you really want to drink it?

Rainbow Smoothie Bowls Bring a Tie Dyed Twist to Healthy Eating

Although there are clearly some fruits and vegetables in below photos, I still didn’t connect that with food at first sight because it just looks too colorful. Rachel Lorton, a self-proclaimed “smoothie bowl enthusiast” creates below eye-pleasing dishes with all-natural ingredients such as turmeric, hemp heart, pea flower, beetroot and cantaloupe.

Neon pink, ocean blue, and deep magenta together resemble tie dye prints you’d find on clothing. But don’t be afraid about those vibrant colors, they are just vegan food which should be good for you. Through her Instagram, Lorton demonstrates that you don’t need artificial colors or flavors to make stunning works of food art. There are some video tutorials on her Instagram page and you can take a look if you are not only statisfied by looking at these visual treats and want to try by yourself.

“Symbols of Life” Series by Jonas Jödicke

Inspired by the interplay and relationship between “good” and “evil”, embodied by animals, the 5 artworks in “Symbols of Life” Series by artist Jonas Jödicke are forming popular symbols with commonly known meanings: heart, Yin & Yang, circle, eternity and the peace symbol.

This series went so successful that Jonas Jödicke, the self-taught artist who started digital painting when he was 14 years old was be able to make a living by selling prints, clothing, coloring books and original artworks. Altough, not everyone can live on their hobby, Jonas still want to tell those who wants to pursue theirs dreams “Stay true to who you are. Be brave. You will never know, if the life you dream of living could come true, if you do not take a risk and at least TRY pursuing it.” Below is the 5 artwork from the “Symbols of Life” Series and if you like them, you can order the print from Jonas’s Etsy Store. There are other amazing works you can find there as well.

Playful Cat Inspired Product Designs

No matter you are a cat person or not, you have to admit they are cute. And for those who is obsessed about the cat, anything cat-related gives them the warm fuzzies inside. Those obsessive cat owner not only buy a lot things for their femine freinds but also dress up themselve or decorate their home with all these cat inspired products. From mitten to headphone, from pillow to bookmark, from sandle to lamp, these soft cuddling animal just invade every inch of our life.

Food Drawing by Anna Keville Joyce

Personally, I am not a big fan of “Food Art” because I believe food is mean for eat, not sculpting, not drawing or neither playing. But apparently, there are many artists keen on playing with food and create some artwork out of it. Like Anna Keville Joyce, she uses various of food, cooked or raw to create scenes such as animal, city landmarks and cartoon. Although it is called “editable art”, I don’t really think most of those pieces can be eaten, at least I don’t want to eat uncooked rice. And I can see there are many food wasted to create any those type of “food drawing”. Take a look at below works from Anna and let me know do you like such kind of artwork?

Maybe the Most Beautiful Photos of Chicken

Talking about the chicken or rooster, you probably won’t connect them with the word beautiful. Based on their living condition, you might not even think they are clean and neat. However, the unusual photos from photographe Matteo might change your impression. This crazy chicken photography show started when Matteo decided to have a Concincina as a pet for my studio garden in Milan. Then in an aviary exhibition, he found the hen he want and also started journey of taking photo for chicken. Work with his friend and work partner Moreno, they started to take pictures of literally hundreds of chickens and roosters. Eventually, we ended up with enough material that they can publish a book about that. Hence, they launched a Kickstarter campaign to sell their book about the sexiest and most beautiful chickens on the planet.