Creative Product Barcodes Design

We have presented many creative barcode designsbefore, however, most of them are just creation from artist which are not really used on package. And today, we will show you some genius barcode designs which are actually found on products’ packaging. From the spaghetti shape to shower shape, from noodle shape to grass shape, these unique designs are not only eye-catching but also closely connected with product itself. In the other word, these barcode are designed like this not only for the sake of design itself. They also help to convey the features of the products to customers. So, next time, when you do some shopping, be more attentive to them, as it may be something very creative.


Terrarium Lamps With Fairy-tale Scenes

It is not the first time designers try to put some greenery in the lamp design (previous 1and previous 2), but Rish Studio tries to push the limit and add something more which brought us – Terrarium Lamps. Designer Nupur Das Gupta has created a small collection of lighting that pairs conventional lamps with some beautiful fairy tale scenes, which is prefect for someone who has limited surface space for extra greenery or want some special decorative lamp at their homes.

New Ocean Species “Found” By Katyushka Art Dolls

Ocean is a place full of mystery and there are lots of unknown species living there. News about finding new species are not that rare and even we already know some species, we still be surprised by their unusual appearance. Hence, there are many wild art creation about ocean animals, some cute, some creepy and some scary. Driven by imagination, Katyushka Art Dolls designed some interesting figurines/Art-Toys from the deep ocean: fish and seahorses!

Sushi Shoes: Creative and Crazy Food Creation

As a big sushi fan, I am quite tolerant with many sushi variants, such as Sushi Fish, Sushi KitKat Bar or Sushi Burger since at least they still look delicious and look like food. But for the shoes like sushi in today’s post, I really have no words and appetites, no matter how realistic those sushi looks like. Personally, I just don’t want to eat either trendy basketball sneakers or casual slip-on sandals.

New Take on Christmas Tree Ornaments

Not matter you have a big or small Christmas tree at home, you probably have hung some tree ornament on it. There is nothing wrong with traditional ball, Santa, cone, or cone. However, if you want to give your tree a bit special touch, you can either do some DIY projects like ones listed in this article, or buy some ready but handmade ones. There are many great handcraft stores but here, I am just to list 15 my favorite handcraft tree ornaments here. Still the conventional tree ornament elements, but those clever designers just gave them a new take with their imagination and creation. If you are still looking for something special for your tree, don’t miss this post.

Unbelievable Delicate Paper Sculptures of Birds by Calvin Nicholls

This is not the first time we talked about paper sculptures from Calvin Nicholls, I still remembered how impressive I was at the first time I saw his paper animal work. Five years later, I stumbled upon his work again. Although I have seen many other great paper works during this period, I have to admit Calvin’s work is still one of the best. And among of all his work, bird sculptures are my favorite ones. Honestly, I can’t even imagine how much effort needed to make bird sculpture like that.

Water Table – Unique Table Features Animal “Float Through Water”

When you are buying all the gifts for others, maybe, it is a time to buy yourself a unique piece of furniture to spice up your living room? “Water Table“, a creative series of table created by Derek Pearce who treats glass as water and having many animal “floating through water”. From hippo to dolphin, from frog to duck, these tables are conversation pieces – they will either stimulate, or stop the conversation. However, those handcrafted tables come with price which usually cost around 5,000 USD. It is definitely not cheap gift!

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Weird Looking Orchids

The orchid family, Orchidaceae, is probably the largest family of flowering plant in the world. Because their unique beauty and rare showing, they are always present on the most expensive and rarest flower list. There are between 21,950 and 26,049 currently accepted species. Although part of a huge family, there are many orchids that are critically endangered and can be rarely seen in nature. Here we rounded up 17 Weird Looking Orchids, from angle orchid to dracula orchid, from flying duck orchid to swaddled baby orchid. You will be amazed by those unbelievable weird looking orchids and admire the creativity of our mother nature.

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Half Animal Half Plant: Surrealist Sculptures by Ellen Jewett

Blending animal and plant together isn’t something new. However to blends them that effortlessly with ceramic isn’t easier for even a skillful sculptor. Apparently, Ellen Jewett did a great job in below series.

Only using clay, paints, finishes, and glazes, Ellen created below highly detailed surrealist sculptures – flowers, leaves and vines are grow out of animals’ tail, feet or back. And some animals even grow out of another animals. According to Ellen, she doesn’t random pick those animals and plants. The blended animals and plants actually live together and sculpture is try to depict the living environment of its sculptured species. Take a look at our favorite ones and you can keep updated on the Canadian artist’s new work on her Facebook page.

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