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Hollow Animal Sculptures Formed From Metallic Tree Branches

Korean artist Kang Dong Hyuncreates metal animal-shaped sculptures from delicate metal in the form of tree branches and twigs. Although each piece is man-made, these metallic shrubbery appear to grow organically into the three-dimensional art portray majestic animals such as lions, elephants, rhinoceros and whale. Use lion sculpture as example, its full facial features are brought to life through a network of sculpted twigs, a furrowed brow projecting a look of worry.

Adorable Winter Squirrel Olympics by Geert Weggen

This is not the first time we present some cute and hilarious squirrel photos, however, we just can’t stop looking for more adorable pictures of them and these little furry creatures never disappointed us. Below photos were taken by Geert Weggenwho has keeping taking photos of squirrel for five years. And the squirrels in the photos are not trained one, they are real wild animal.

Animal Invade! 10 Creative Animal Shaped Kitchenware Designs

Sometimes, kitchen work might be boring and tedious while an interest kitchenware might make the process less boring and even enjoyable. Take a look at the 10 playful animal shaped kitchenwre presented in this post, from whale egg slicer to bird vegetable peeler, from bear pot trivet to octopus juicer, these creatively designed items will certainly add a unique touch to any kitchen.

One Origami Paper Cranes a Day for 1,000 Days

Folding a origami paper cranes isn’t that difficult, however, folding a different origami paper cranes continuously for 1,000 days is quite impressive. For nearly three years, origami enthusiast Cristian Marianciuc continued to produce a vast flock of 1,000 paper birds. The whimsical cranes are generally more decorative rather than showing off the folding techniques. Hence, you can see from below photos that those paper birds are decorated with all manner of leaves, beads, thread, flowers, feathers, and other materials too numerous to list. Below is only a small collection of Cristian’s work and you can find all of them on his Instagram page.

Mind-Boggling Digital Art by Randy Lewis

Photoshop is one of the most amazing graphic software which allows you to create anything comes into your mind. It is extremely powerful in some creative and skilled designers’ hands. Randy Lewis, an American graphic designer and creative director from Irvine, California, is one of successful representatives. Randy takes two or more ordinary things and mashes them into one image, which results in a new, extraordinary object.

Most of his works are quite literally – the things he combines come from their name, such as watermelon and hot-dog. However, he also tries to mess with our heads by changing things that are visually alike, such as snail and toothpaste, cauliflower and sheep, shake and lollipop. These creations are quite mind-boggling and the side-effect is I have to look twice when I try to brush my teeth.

Artistic Breakfast Egg by Michele Baldini

In my eyes, food artists are group of lucky people who can play with food and create something visually appealing (might not tasty though). They can use all kinds of food as their material, someone use complex ingredients while someone just stick to one kind of food. Like Michele Baldini from Mexico, who is good at making egg arts. Yes, egg arts! Just use egg yolk and egg white, Michele created many amazing egg artwork on the pan. Scroll down to enjoy those impressive edible egg art and find more on Michele’s Instagram.

Creative Product Barcodes Design

We have presented many creative barcode designsbefore, however, most of them are just creation from artist which are not really used on package. And today, we will show you some genius barcode designs which are actually found on products’ packaging. From the spaghetti shape to shower shape, from noodle shape to grass shape, these unique designs are not only eye-catching but also closely connected with product itself. In the other word, these barcode are designed like this not only for the sake of design itself. They also help to convey the features of the products to customers. So, next time, when you do some shopping, be more attentive to them, as it may be something very creative.

Terrarium Lamps With Fairy-tale Scenes

It is not the first time designers try to put some greenery in the lamp design (previous 1and previous 2), but Rish Studio tries to push the limit and add something more which brought us – Terrarium Lamps. Designer Nupur Das Gupta has created a small collection of lighting that pairs conventional lamps with some beautiful fairy tale scenes, which is prefect for someone who has limited surface space for extra greenery or want some special decorative lamp at their homes.

New Ocean Species “Found” By Katyushka Art Dolls

Ocean is a place full of mystery and there are lots of unknown species living there. News about finding new species are not that rare and even we already know some species, we still be surprised by their unusual appearance. Hence, there are many wild art creation about ocean animals, some cute, some creepy and some scary. Driven by imagination, Katyushka Art Dolls designed some interesting figurines/Art-Toys from the deep ocean: fish and seahorses!