“Dogs in Food” Photo Series by Ksenia

Don’t be afraid, we are not to talk about eat dogs as food. “Dogs in Food” is an interesting photo series created by Russian artist Ksenia who mixes precious pups with mouthwatering bites to create cream-of-the-crop composites.


Dreamy and Soft Bunny Pouches

Who doesn’t love bunny? The soft furry creature can easily melt your heart. However, probably no one think about to carry them around in your bag. Now, you have a chance. Deisnged by Japanese company felissimo, the furry soft bunny pouch looks so realistic and just looks like a real bunny. Coming with four designs, this little cute pouch is good for carrying your personal stuff around. Bringing the pouch out feels like bringing the real bunny out for a walk.

Adorable Animal-shape Memo and Card Holders

Like it or not, our desks are scattered with small notes and cards. Of couse, if we can pile them up however, sometimes, we do need them stay at some obvious place to give us a reminder. Also, having a memo dispenser is useful as well especially if you are not that organized. Use me as an example, I once found three stacks of memo pad on my desk and two of them were covered with dust. Besides all those cleaning / neat purpose, having a cute desk decoration is also important to delighten a bit dull office time. Hence, we rounded a cute collection of animal shaped memo and card holders and hope can bring some fun to your desk.

New Balloon Animals Created by Masayoshi Matsumoto

We all played balloon when we are kids and we all tried to twist balloon and created some weird shapes or “so called” animals. It might be just a game for us but a serious art for balloon artist like Masayoshi Matsumoto (previous). The Japanese artist produces larger than life beetle larva and spider crabs, creating latex masterpieces that blow away the simplistic balloon animals we’ve come to expect. It might be a bit hard to create mammals but they seem work perfectly for insects. Take a look at below newly created intricate balloon sculptures and you can explore more on Matsumoto’s instagram page.

Realistic Clay Succulents Shaped Jewelry

It seems wearing nature inspired jewelry is a hot trend now. Year ago, American florist Susan McLeary designs a special kind of jewelry – live succulent jewels. The actual living succulents are attached to the accessories and can grow up to 2-4 weeks. However, when those succulents grow out of their jewelry container, you have to separate the plants from the base and pot it. It might sound a bit trouble for some people. Hence, if you like those succulents shaped jewelry but don’t want to take care of the plants, the polymer clay succulents from Iryna Osinchuk-Chajka is worth checking. Iryna’s wonderful succulent jewelry includes various creative items like right, necklaces, hair pins, combs and other interesting accessories. Take a look at those realistic creation below and if you are interested, you can head over to Iryna’s Etsy store to find more.


Word Visualization Art by Daniel Carlmatz

Daniel Carlmatz, a Stockholm-based graphic designer, set himself a yearlong challenge to create a new typographic design everyday that expresses the subject both typographically and visually. By manipulating letter-forms and incorporating a few clever additions to the minimalist compositions, Carlmatz’s minimalist designs visually show you how the words represents. Some of those designs are quite obvious while some of them are subtle which makes you think twice before you make the connection. Below are part of Carlmatz’s work and you can see more on his instagram page.

Stunning stippling art composed of millions of tiny hand-drawn dots

Salt Lake City based pointillism artist Nicholas Baker, creates incredible, nature-inspired stippling artthat is composed of millions of tiny hand-drawn dots. Dot by dot, Baker drew incredible detailed picture with black ink pens only. Each monochrome drawing not only has an amazing amount of detail, but also completes with perfect tones of shadow and light. We all know it takes time to perfect a craft, however, the time needed to complete a drawing like one listed below probably still beyond your imagination. In one particular piece, Baker spent a tedious 160 hours stippling a portrait of an elephant, featuring wrinkled skin, a broken tusk, and encrusted crystal formations.


Adorable Photos of Baby Donkey

Baby animalis always one of the most popular topics on Designswan. We have featured many animal babies, such as baby cow, baby dog, baby chameleon, baby bunny, baby fox and more. No exception, all those babies are extremely cute. And today, we will show you some heart warming photos of baby donkey. These fuzzy creatures are usually the subjects of butt jokes, while their babies are actually quite cute and cuddly. Below is a heartwarming list of fuzzy baby donkeys handpicked by our editors and hope you would like them.

More Banana Skin Art from Stephan Brusche

It looks like the trend of banana skin doodling continues and Netherlands based artist Stephan Brusche has been doing it for almost 7 years now (started from 2011). By drawing and carving them, this artist turns the humble bananas skin into art and make you wonder why you never thought the useless skin can be a unique canvas. After accidentally found how pleasant a banana peel is to draw, Stephan tried to come up with new ideas for drawings while using the shape of the banana in all kinds of clever ways. The result is truly impressive! Just check Stephan’s instagram page and you will be flooded by all these creative banana skin art!

Incredible Slavic Themed Photos Features Traditional Polish Folklore Elements

In one hand, modernization makes our life easier while on the other hand, we gradually lose our tradition. To preserve the tradition, Polish photographer Ula Kóska and makeup artist Beata Bojdacollaborated on this beautiful Slavic-themed photo shoot to highlight traditional Polish folk culture. In the series, models were dressed in traditional Slavic attires, including these incredible head wreaths – an iconic part of Slavic folklore. All the wreaths in the pictures were made with traditional polish methods – twisting paper tightly into flower shapes.