Colorful Bonsai Trees Made of Thousands of Miniature Origami Cranes

These colorful bonsai trees look quite normal from distance. However, when you take a close look, you will find those colorful leaves are actually miniature origami cranes. Inspired by the Japanese legend of the 1000 cranes (anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by the gods), Japanese artist Naoki Onogawa folds hundreds of miniature origami cranes which later become beautifully delicate Bonsai trees of various colors and styles. Take a look at some of her amazing works below! I simply can’t imagine how she is able to fold that tiny crane.

Top 5 Creative and Unusual Socks

There are two things we probably will change everyday – underwear and socks. However, compared with other accessories, socks might be the most overlooked ones. And in most cases, no one but you will see them. Even though, there are still some creative and unusual designs around this humble little guy and here we have rounded Top 5 Creative and Unusual Socks we have ever seen. Some of them are funky, some of them are geeky and some of them are really artistic. Curious? Just take a look.

Embroidered Women With Hair Grow Out of Canvas

Sometimes, thinking outside of box will simply turn ordinary things to something eye-catching and embroidery artist Sheena Liam is a perfect example. The women she embroidered is nothing special except her hair grow out of canvas. The works are all completed and displayed on embroidery hoops, with hair styles extending from the women in french braids, messy buns, long ponytails and one embroidered women even tries to cut her hair. Just with this simple change, the whole embroidery isn’t same anymore. Quite impressive right? Check more on her Instagram.

Unusual Bouquets Made From Hundreds of Spare Utensils

You might see many kinds of bouquets, flower bouquet, candy bouquet, stuff animal bouquet, cloth bouquet, vegetable and fruit bouquet, but the bouquets featured at the post might be still new to you, which are made of hundreds of spoons, knives, and forks. By clumping all those utensils (both shiny and tarnished) Sculptor Ann Carrington is able to recreate the shapes of roses and tulips, some appearing so realistic you wonder if they are organic flowers dipped in a layer of silver. Take a look at below every unique bouquets and you can find more Ann’s work on instagram.

Delicate Sculpture Carved Out of Soap

We have featured many impressive work carved out of food, wood, ice and some other ordinary sculpting material. However, today we will show you some interested sculpture carved out of one everyday object – soap. Instagram user @krasinthusith shared some amazing soap sculpture on his page. Most of them are based on the regular rectangle or oval shape soap. And you will be pretty amazed by the details you are going to find on those humble soaps.

Farmyard Animals Inspired Kids’s Stools

Designed by Japanese designer Takeshi Sawada, this collection of quirky farm animal inspired stools is made up of three stools – Bambi, Sheep and Cow. The back of stools is designed to mimic the shape of the horn of the animal it gets inspiration and with the faux fur seat, any one can easily tell which animal it takes after. Each of designs are have a seat height of 33cm (just over 1 foot) and have a solid European Oak or an American Walnut base and back. Really cute and elegant design, I would love to have them at my living room even just for decoration.

Stunning Photos of Dazzling Curvature of Waves Right as They Break

Working in a wet-suit amongst crashing waves, Australian photographer Warren Keelan was able to capture some impressive photos of the dazzling curvature of waves right as they break. Whether working completely submerged or perched precariously on the cusp of a behemoth swell, he’s consistently able to find the right angle and lighting to highlight the monumental power of the constantly moving ocean. His photography are so powerful and stunning. Below are only few from his collection and you can find more of his work on his Instagram.

Cremart: Unbelievable Art on Coffee by Kangbin Lee

When I first saw Kangbin’s cremart, I thought that were some painting at the bottom of the coffee cup and don’t think that was a big deal at all. However, after I watch closely and found out those paintings were drawn with a thin metal rod and a palette of food dyes on latte, I was totally shocked and didn’t want to believe my eyes. How would that be possible? Are those just some photoshopped photos? After watching Kangbin’s video of how to make some of the cremart, I started to believe there is someone can actually create latte art like these. From Bambi to Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night”to Disney’s cartoon characters, it looks like there’s virtually nothing he can’t draw on milk foam. Now the question is if you have such a cup of latte in front of you, will you really want to drink it?

Beautiful Rose-shaped Succulents

These gorgeous green plants are not some new rose breed, even though they are in the perfectly floral shape. Called Greenovia Dodrentalis, these succulents have curved layered petals that make the plants look just like roses. It is one of those hard to find specimens that many of us would give our eye teeth to own. Despite their fancy looking, caring for greenovia is very similar to the maintenance for other succulents. However, it is quite hard to find and most of us, probably can only enjoy their photos instead of having them in pots.

Cute Tea Bag Hanging Clips for Tea Lovers

Although most tea lovers might prefer loose tea, you can’t deny tea bag is more convenient and easy to carry around. And with the improvement of the tea processing technology, you find enjoy premium tea from tea bag as well these days. To make a good cup of tea, sometimes you can to soak the teabag in the water for a while which makes the hanging clips come in handy. Of course, you can just hang the string of tea bag around the cup handler. But if you want to add some whimsy to your tea drinking experience, take a look at the cute tea bag hanging clips we arounded here.

PS: If you still enjoy loose tea more, here is our awesome collection about tea infuser and tea strainer.