Creative LEGO Inspired Design

Lego isn’t just for kids anymore. More and more professionals like architects, industrial designers are using LEGO to inspire their designs and create many innovative LEGO shaped designs to add a bit fun to our busy life. LEGO lamp, LEGO storage box, LEGO planter, LEGO wall and even LEGO stairs. There are so many LEGO creation can be found in our house, no matter it is a DIY project or comes from professionals’ hands. And I believe, with more creativity and imagination, there will be more and more cool things like below show up in our home! Go LEGO!

1. LEGO DIY Key Hanger [design-milk]


2. LEGO Storage Boxes [fancy]


3. DeVoe LEGO Lamp [fancy]


4. LEGO Storage Brick [fancy]


5. LEGO Kitchen Utensil Set And Wall Mount [amazon]


6. LEGO Knife Block [networks.h-net]


7. LEGO Kids Room Furniture [designswan]


8. LEGO Tissue Box and Controller Holder [triptod]


9. LEGO Garden Blocks [fancy]



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